Connacht Veteran
& Vintage Motor Club

Welcome to the Connacht Veteran & Vintage Motor Club (also known as CVVMC)

This is a Club run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, of classic, vintage, and veteran cars throughout Connacht.

The Club was founded in 1984 by a small group of people who shared a common appreciation for old vehicles. In the inaugural year, there were only 34 members. Pop over to the About page on this website to read future details of this club’s history.

Click through the tabs on this website to discover interesting articles, a list of upcoming events, how to become a member and much more.

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Upcoming Events

A list of all the upcoming events that have been scheduled for the year ahead. We recommend that you check back regularly for new additions.

37th Annual Main Run

Our 37th Annual Main Run will be held this year from June 23rd – 25th in Westport. Apply here

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